Emerkit is a two part, 1:1 ratio epoxy suitable for a multitude of uses. Simply mix the resin with the hardener, and with wet hands, mold into any virtually any shape you require. Emerkit does not run or drip and can be smoothed with water to give the desired finish.

Emerkit will not shrink while setting and is inert once set. It can then be drilled, tapped, machined or painted. Better yet Emerkit can be used underwater so you can fill cracks in pools or water tanks without draining first.
Because it is inert it is also safe for marine uses such as coral propagation.

Emerkit is non conductive making it perfect for insulating exposed wire, fixing electric fence insulators or sealing solar power connectors

Emerkit sets hard like concrete with a Tensile Strength of 10.5 MPA and Compressive Strength 82 MPA and can withstand temperatures of up to 150°C




150gm 8x150gm 1kg