From making models to making anything you can imagine Emerkit has a wide range of uses. Emerkit can be moulded, sculpted, sanded, cut, filed, drilled and painted providing the perfect finish for any hobbyist. From model making to making knives, fishing to hunting the uses are endless. The only limit on the uses for Emerkit is your imagination.

Emerkit Repaired HullsFinished Model

Nothing that Emerkit and a bit of sandpaper couldn’t fix

The unpainted models, with the Italian hulls in the foreground and the Austrians in the background

So early last week the models arrived. They are hand poured resin castings, and typical of that casting method the had a few flaws resulting from air trapped in either the mould or the resin, but nothing that a bit of Green Stuff or Emerkit and some sand paper couldn’t fix. Clearly some of the masters had been made from balsa and some of the grain of the wood had come through in the casting, but again easily fixed with some epoxy putty and sand paper.


The uses for Emerkit are endless

“Having used Emerkit for over 40 years I am amazed at the uses it can be put too. I have been using it in the construction business in swimming pools, water tanks, concrete block work, concrete drive and path work.
I have used it as a rawl plug to hold bolts and screws into concrete walls and floor, the uses for Emerkit are endless, and are held back by your own imagination.
For the sporting theme, I have used it to make new handles for fishing reels and even when bedding in a rifle barrel, into a new stock.
It is environmentally friendly and does not taint water or mark and stain paintwork it can be filed, drilled and bottled or reinforced with mesh.
In art work I have used it to make sculptured animals and to repair broken antlers etc. in taxidermy.
In the kitchen I have even made new handles on kettles and saucepans and even repaired the broken iron.
Finally it is clean to work with and can be cleaned up with soap and water and will be able to be painted with any form of paints.


DSCF5871Create Handles Banner 006 IMG_0639 Emerkit Kates-jp