Emerkit is non conductive once set and can be used to repair or create electrical insulators.  Along with its non conductive nature, the ability to withstand high temperatures and its strong adhesion to many different metals has seen it used in the balancing of electrical motors and the repair of electrical fences.  Make sure you keep a stick or two of Emerkit handy everyday.

CB Insulator Bushing broken

Insulator repair








30 years – zero failures

“Our company, Dynamic Balancing Tasmania, has been using Emerkit putty for balancing compensation for over 30 years.  During that time, we have not had one failure of Emerkit to faithfully carry out its job in service. We have noticed that other manufacturers of putty make extravagant claims as to the suitability of their products for the same purpose, but these products ultimately turn out to be inferior to Emerkit.

Where needed, we add more weight by kneading lead shot into Emerkit putty,
and this works perfectly.  We continue to use and recommend Emerkit to our clients. It is the only product to use for balancing compensation, and we highly recommend it for use in electric rotors and motors.”









In my work I can’t afford to be without Emerkit.

“EMERKIT ! I have used this product for over thirty years. My first introduction
was when the car radiator sprung a leak I went into Mangere Hardware in panicky mode and told to give EMERKIT a try.  Well it fixed the leak I was so impressed.  I tried it on my work repairing stator frames for windings for motorcycles which stood up to oil and heat and it easy to use no mess when finished, just wash your hands.   In my work I can’t afford to be without Emerkit.”