Emerkit can be used in taxidermy and has a number of applications. From recreating the soft flesh surfaces like the inside of the mouth or fixing ears or body parts to the animal itself the Emerkit is a versatile product. Emerkit will accept a wide variety of paints and colours to ensure a perfect match to the real animal. No solvents are required as Emerkit will clean up with water ensuring there is no chance of a spill causing any damage.

We have had many uses for it

“My name is Mel Burton I would like to tell you about Emerkit epoxy putty which I have been using this product in my studio for the last 25 years. I use it for fixing broken antlers on my taxidermy work. This product is very good for mixing in coloured powered paint to change to another colour and you can feather this product out to a very fine edge. We find it has no shrinking what so ever.

We are also keen fishermen we usually take 2 to 3 tubes with us. We have repaired fishing rods & reels, we have used it to repair holes in our aluminium dingy, and it will even go hard under water.
A friend of my put a hole in his diff in his truck we repaired the hole successfully with it & it got him out of trouble. I have also repaired a broken gun stock.

We are more than happy with this product, as we have had many uses for it”



Emerkit easily fulfilled all my requirements

I have been a taxidermist in excess of forty years, during that time I have used many types of products to finish off my animal and fish mounts and to fill up the spaces around the eyes and noses etc. These products have ranged from bees wax to specialty products imported from America.

Approximately twenty five years ago I came across a two part epoxy product called Emerkit. I trialled the product and it easily fulfilled all my requirements in my taxidermy studio. After the initial mixing has taken place, it can be made more pliable by adding water and kneading it until it is at the required consistency. The products greatest virtue is that you are able to feather the edges over the skin so that no join is visible.

It cleans up with water and if required I have used thinners and a soft brush to smooth it further. It dries flat, “without a shiny surface” Emerkit can be painted on to without the use of etch primers etc.
The first picture shows the Emerkit used to finish off the inside of a deer’s nose prior to painting. You can see that the Emerkit has been blended into the hair for a natural looking finish.
The second photo shows an Emerkit finished and painted deer’s nose.