Even in the harsh marine environment, Emerkit has it uses. Being a putty it is easy to work with and because it will set in wet or dry conditions it can be used to plug a leak almost anywhere on the boat. This could be a leaking pipe, a leak through the cabin top or even a leak in the hull. When your options are limited make sure you have Emerkit on hand to make those essential repairs.

Annoying leak was stopped

I thought you might be interested in my thoughts on your product EMERKIT. In the recent Suva Yacht Race the working of the yacht produced three leaks of minor nature but each time over a bunk.
In each instance your material was applied under the worst possible conditions, as the fittings were almost continually awash. In each case the annoying leak was stopped and I personally would not go to sea again without some of this excellent product.


NZ Sailing

EMERKIT provided a quick and cheap repair

Whilst our steel mooring barge was undergoing maintenance when hauled out, it was found to have several sections with split welds To repair these involved the plugging of holes up to 3″ in diameter, and the use of EMERKIT provided a quick and cheap method of doing this whilst at the same time, giving us a finished job that was 100% successful.


Emerkit used to restore coral reefs

In one of the more unusual applications, Emerkit has been used in the propagation of coral. Its ability to set under water and its inert nature when set allows Emerkit to be used to attach coral to a substrate that holds it in place. This provides a base from which the coral can grow and develop. Once set Emerkit provides a permanent bond that is as strong as concrete and will not deteriorate even after years of submersion in the ocean.

coral 1

coral 2

coral 3coral 4


coral 5

coral 6